Basic gentle teaching training

The basic training for gentle teaching is a 4-day training. During these days we will cover the following themes:

  • What is the essence of gentle teaching
  • Look at the person from the perspective of gentle teaching
  • Personal development of the caregiver to become a gentle teacher
  • Developing a culture of life
  • Improving quality of life
  • The methodology of gentle teaching
  • Making a gentle teaching support plan

After having completed this training you will be able to apply gentle teaching in daily interactions with the people you serve, and you will be able to creaate special gentle teaching sessions with persons for who it is more challenging to feel safe and loved. You will also be able to resognize your own emotions and you let go or transform disturbing emotions. 

Participants will be asked to take a person they are serving in mind, so they can focus during the training on this person. At the end of the training the participants will have a personal gentle teaching plan for this person, and also a personal plan for their own development.

Depending on the facilities practical hands-on training with the people who are served, can be part of the gentle teaching training.

This training is for all people involved in daily support of people with a vulnerability and for the supporting network around them.

parents and other relatives

  • daily caregivers
  • psychologists
  • team managers


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