Mentor gentle teaching

The mentor gentle teaching is the person who holds gentle teaching in the care giving team.


  • Helps colleagues and gives feedback on their personal development
  • Brings continuity in developing a culture of hope
  • Helps making gentle teaching support plans for individual persons
  • The mentor training is a 4-day training. During this training we focus on
  • Reflection on the recent personal development of the participants
  • A deeper understanding of gentle teaching
  • How to see the needs of colleagues
  • Identifying the possibilities for gentle teaching in the own workplace
  • Feedback, and interview techniques

The mentor training is a follow up on the basic training. It’s recommended that the participants have worked with gentle teaching at least 6 month after the basic training.

The training is focused on the actual work situation of the participants. To make this possible, the participants are asked to bring video recordings of interactions they had themselves with the persons they serve, and recordings of colleagues having interactions with the persons.


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