Leading teams and individual caregivers who work with gentle teaching,  ask for a leadership style which is consistent with the essence of gentle teaching.

In this 4 day training on gentle leadership, we will cover the following issues

Understanding of gentle teaching

Managers need to understand what gentle teaching is, what the needs of the persons are and how caregivers can make them feel safe and loved.

The vision as leadership tool

Caregivers have to be able to make their own decisions what to do in the moment of contact with the person. Instead of controlling caregiver behaviors, managers help caregivers make the right decision, based on the shared vision.

Changing the culture

Changing the culture of an organization or team is hard work. Managers need insight in how they can stimulate this process. This will help them initiating a culture of hope.

Competency management

The competencies needed in a team are dependent of the level of team development, the needs of the persons served by the team and the shared vision. After identifying the competencies needed, and the actual competencies in the team, you make a competency development plan.

Team coaching

Beside good interview techniques and other coaching skills, we can use the quality of life model, developed within the framework of gentle teaching, to identify the needs of the team and the focus of coaching.

Leadership style

Not only for the manager himself, but also for the teams, it’s important that the leadership style is clarified. Participants will describe their own leadership style and make their own personal plan on issues that can be improved. This written down leadership style is also a feedback tool for the team members to give feedback to their manager.


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