It’s not always possible to participate at the regular basic Gentle Teaching training. For instance for persons who want to do the training individually and live in an area where this training is not available for individual participation. An alternative for the regular basic training is the @-learning Gentle Teaching training.

Just as the regular training, this training covers all important aspects of Gentle Teaching:

  • What is the essence of gentle teaching
  • Looking at the person from the perspective of gentle teaching
  • Personal development of the caregiver to become a gentle teacher
  • Developing a culture of life
  • Improving quality of life
  • The methodology of gentle teaching
  • Making a gentle teaching support plan

The @-learning has six modules. For each module you get a number of video’s you can watch on-line at a time that is convenient to you. With each module you also get a training manual and some ‘home-work’. After sending in this work, you will get feedback and a link to the next module. After each model you also have the opportunity for a 30 minutes skype contact , in order to ask questions or advice regarding how to use Gentle Teaching in your work.

The regular costs of the @-learning is $250 for participants living in rich countries. Participants from developing countries can pay what they can afford.

At this moment the first module is available. The other modules will be finished in June and July.