Who can benefit from Gentle Teaching?

Gentle teaching is often seen as an approach especially for people with an intellectual disability and severe behavior problems. Maybe that was how Gentle Teaching started, but nowadays Gentle Teaching is seen as a strategy to serve all kind of people who may feel marginalized.


Parents of children who, for some reason, have behavioral problems, have particular challenges in their life.

Children with challenging behaviors

The number of children with behavior problems seems to increase in Western world. The problems these children are facing may be very different.

Old people

Older people, who feel insecure by questions about their nearing end of life, loss of energy and physical abilities, loss of contact with friends and dear ones, etc.

People with a mental illness

Gentle teaching cannot cure the mental illness itself but we can help people who suffer from a mental illness to feel seen as a full human being

People with a mild intellectual disability

For several reasons people with a mild intellectual disability are at risk of feeling rejected and not understood.

People with a severe intellectual disability

In many people with moderate to severe intellectual disability, the attachment never really occurred or the feeling of attachment is lost