People with a mental illness

Gentle teaching cannot cure the mental illness itself but we can help people who suffer from a mental illness to feel seen as a full human being and we can help them to find support in the presence of others.

People with a mental illness lost much in life. They the lost control of their lives, and they often lost their jobs and their relationships. Also often they have also lost trust in their fellow men. In short, they're on their own and feel misunderstood and threatened. Through a combination of their disease and its implications for their relationships with others, many develop a suspicion or even fear for others. This may also lead to aggression or other forms of destructive behavior.

Gentle Teaching focuses specifically on the restoration of relationships and on providing a climate in which the person feels respected, feels safe and supported by the presence of others. By  intentionally trying to make contact with the deeper emotional level of the person, it becomes more likely that we may still be able to reach him in times when the illness seems to be taking over the control from the person. He will thereby hopefully be more open to the psychotherapy or psychiatric treatment he needs.