As methodological aspects we understand and describe the typical aspects which are important in working with gentle teaching and which we should see in daily practice.

How do we see the person?

Gentle teaching starts with developing a proper image on the person and on his behaviors. We look at four aspects:

Growth of the care giver

In order to develop a good relationship with a person, we need more than good insight in who the person is and good communication skills. A relationship has to come from your heart.

Culture of life

Gentle teaching is a combination of an individual process and a basic attitude. With this attitude – the integration of the principles of gentle teaching in all our actions – we create a culture of life.

Quality of Life

Every human being wants to be happy and every human being has the right to be happy. It’s a simple but true statement. Happiness is the energy of almost all our behavior.


Individual plan

Sometimes the relationships between the caregivers and the people they serve are so disturbed, that it needs more than a culture of hope to teach a person the feeling of companionship.

A person centered plan is needed to teach the person to feel safe, loved, loving and connected. This plan is not only about what the person should learn, but also about what each individual caregiver has to learn to make this happen.

In the plan we distinguish four aspects

  • The goals
  • The process
  • The tools for teaching
  • The methods we use