The personal development of the caregiver

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Part of the old texts on this subject are now temporary in this section but will be replaced by new texts. We will also give more attention to practices caregivers can do for themselves.

Working with yourself

People who work with Gentle Teaching soon find out that that it’s more important to change themselves in the way they are interacting with the persons with special needs 

Can’t I be myself anymore?

A frequently asked question from people who are introduced in Gentle Teaching is if they have to become someone else and leave their ‘old’ identity behind. Sometimes this seems like it, but it isn’t.

How would you like to work?

Go back to the moment when you chose to work as a caregiver of teacher, or when you decided to have children. What dreams and expectations did you have then?

Warm and cold emotions

We can think of many causes for our shift from a warm posture to a cold and domineering posture, like the behavior of the child or person, the workload we feel, tiredness, etc.


The way you respond to a person, the way you are present with a person, the way you deal with the emotions the person evokes in you, are all of great importance. Not only for the person you are with, but also for yourself. Scientific research has shown clearly that it’s good for your own physical and mental health when you are able to express loving feelings towards others. So caring for others is also caring for yourself.


You can read or hear from others how you are supposed to do this, but in order to actually do it requires practicing. Only then you can learn to be unconditional loving in an authentic way. In this section of the website some practices you can do are described. There is some logic in the order of the practices. One practice follows the other.  But you can also make your own choice where to start.


These practices mainly mental practices, that can help you to increase your mental and emotional defensibility. Practices to increase your non-violent physical defensibility  are more difficult to explain in text. Here you may need actual training with the support of a teacher or trainer.