The methodological aspects

As methodological aspects we understand and describe the typical aspects which are important in working with gentle teaching and which we should see in daily practice.

A methodology isn't a pre-defined plan which tells us what to do in what situation. This would do justice to either the person we serve or the caregiver.

Gentle teaching asks for the capability to adjust to each other 'in the moment' and based on how you both feel. A caregiver cannot adjust to a person's needs in the moment, if he has to thinks about what the plan tell him to do.

The most important reason for us to describe the methodology of gentle teaching is that it helps us to become more aware of the different aspects which are important. That way we can work with it more profoundly and with more effect.

In describing the methodology of gentle teaching we distinguish the following aspects:

  • How do we see the person
  • Personal development of the caregiver
  • Developing a culture of hoop
  • Improving quality of life
  • An individual development plan

In the individual plan we describe

  • The goals of the plan
  • The process
  • The tools of gentle teaching
  • The methods we use