Individual plan

Sometimes the relationships between the caregivers and the people they serve are so disturbed, that it needs more than a culture of hope to teach a person the feeling of companionship.

A person centered plan is needed to teach the person to feel safe, loved, loving and connected. This plan is not only about what the person should learn, but also about what each individual caregiver has to learn to make this happen.

In the plan we distinguish four aspects

  • The goals
  • The process
  • The tools for teaching
  • The methods we use


The goal of gentle teaching isn’t to modify behaviors or to teach the person new skills. The goal of gentle teaching is teach the person the feeling of companionship and to improve the quality of life.

The process

In the process of gentle teaching we don’t speak of phases or steps which follow each other in a specific order, but we speak of dimensions. 


Our tools for teaching are our presence, hands, words and eyes


In gentle teaching we understand the word ‘method’ as an expression for a specific way of interacting with the person. Specially in these techniques you see the twofold strategy of gentle teaching