Deeper insight in Gentle Teaching

In this section you will find more elaborated information on the most important topics of Gentle Teaching 


Every person has boundaries;  people with special needs, as well as caregivers. These boundaries should be respected.

Demanding attention

This behaviour is seen as negative due to the compelling character and the fact that is never seems to be enough.

Demand driven care

In the concept of demand driven care, caregivers give the person empowerment over his life by trying to fulfill the wishes / demands of the person as much as they can.


Empowerment means that you can be yourself and develop your own potentials. Empowerment is a development which comes from within, recognizing your whole being.

Gentle words

We often use words without being aware of the meaning of the words and how this may affect our feelings and actions.

Gentle your way in

A person who has developed fear for the presence of others, will find it scary when we try to make deeper contact