Deeper insight in Gentle Teaching

In this section you will find more elaborated information on the most important topics of Gentle Teaching 


A frequently asked question is how to apply Gentle Teaching when there is an escalation and a person becomes aggressive.


In almost all cultures punishment is used in order to change the behaviors of others. You may question yourself if this is what we should do.

Restricting or guiding

People with special needs are not always capable to recognize and respect the boundaries of others. If they might do something that harms others,


In gentle teaching we often intentionally make use of touches. We even try to touch a person - who seems to reject our touches or has fear for them – in a warm and safe way.

How to be loving?

I can’t teach a person to feel loved by me, if I don’t feel loving towards him. That’s a simple fact. But can I feel loving towards every person with special needs