Evaluation forms

Growing towards companionship. Evaluation of the persons ability to relate with us and others

Am I a gentle teacher. Evaluation of the care givers path to become a gentle teaching

Culture of Hope. Evaluation of the culture the person lives in


Articles on gentle teaching 

Mentoring Gentle Teaching  by John McGee

Gentle Teaching   An internet booklet about gentle teaching by Pouwel van de Siepkamp



Healing qualities of gentle teaching.  Healing qualities of Gentle Teaching  Pouwel van de Siepkamp, Int Gentle Teaching conference 2011



The nonaversive/positive treatment of severely and retarded clients with serious behavioral problems. 
Charles W Woorard, PhD  1992, A study from the early years of Gentle Teaching to the effects of unconditional valuing. 

Practicing unconditional love
Toni Start  PsyD, This qualitative study, using the heuristic research model, investigates the experience of applying Gentle Teaching principles with individuals diagnosed with developmental disorders. The study contains a review of relevant literature, which includes exploration of the application of principles, a historical perspective on caregiving, Gentle Teaching, and other treatment modalities.