Anthroposophy is a modern spiritual path that cherishes and respects the freedom of each individual. It recognizes however, that real freedom is actually an inner capacity that can only be obtained by degrees according to the spiritual development of the individual.

An individual is seen as a being with three layers: body, mind and soul. The body is the physical appearance and the concrete acting, the soul is the total of feelings, thoughts, memories and life experiences en the mind is the individual quality we got from birth. In the mind is the urge to develop our qualities.


In care giving three basic values are at the center:  equality, helpfulness and mindfulness. The latter means being fully present in the contact with the special person and within this presence acting more intuitive than according to fixed rules and protocols.


Besides care for the health of the person and for a living environment which won’t obstruct the urge for development, the encounter between the care giver and the special person is most important. This encounter can only be based on a loving acceptance of the person and on a personal feeling of connectedness of the care giver. The care giver is the most important instrument. From caregivers a high degree of self-reflection and empathy is expected.


Compared with gentle teaching

The anthroposophy is a more including philosophy than gentle teaching and the psychology of interdependence. However the most important elements and principles of the psychology of interdependence are also found in the anthroposophy. Gentle teaching can contribute to the anthroposophical approach in the way of developing a safe and loving relationship with a special person who, due to a combination of personal vulnerabilities and life experiences,  has learned to fear others.

The elements of the culture of hope, described in gentle teaching are concrete pointers which also fit in the stimulating environment meant by the anthroposophy.

Also gentle teaching has a concrete method for teaching people to feel safe and loved, plus instruments to help care givers reflecting on their own development.